Valerie Eijrond

I was born and raised abroad and have an educational background in business and health. In 2017 I obtained my master’s degree in Health and Society from Wageningen University. My master thesis focused on the value of the diagnosis Lyme disease among patients with persistent uncharacteristics complaints. During my studies and internships, I became interested in issues occuring at the human-animal-ecosystem interface such as diseases that spread from animals to humans (zoonotic diseases). This requires a so-called ‘One Health’ approach, which is the combined effort of multiple disciplines to improve the health of humans, animals and ecosystems. In June 2017 I started my PhD project entitled: “Talk in Action! Towards a constructive dialogue between stakeholders on livestock-related zoonoses “.

Research topics

Risks from Intensive Livestock Farming
Risks from Intensive Livestock Farming


Authors Year Title
Eijrond, Claassen, Van Der Giessen & Timmermans 2019 Intensive Livestock Farming and Residential Health: Experts’ Views